manfaat-ikan-sidat In the Adas channel usually the people call for the river of south Timbulsloko village, we saw a two species  Anguila sp. swimming in surface water. The anguila sp. color are brown mixed light white. This is my first time to see anguilla sp. in the turbid and muddy water. Until that time i almost unbelief if i was see the euryhaline eel’s in the mangrove forest channel.



img_3855Mangrove ecosystem have many interaction between live organism and environment. We observe the organisms in mangrove ecosystems to know what kind of interactions. The mangroves vegetation are complex because of mixing zone from land, freshwater, and saltwater. Fish, mangrove, and others biota almost interact one each others, looking for the mangrove roots in the channel we founded that many larvae fish in different species are schooling in that habitats.

Moreover near from the chenier about 2m depth and 500 m from the coastal of mangrove we have to found jellyfish who followed by juvenile fish and attached by little crustacean. The color of fish and jelly fish is almost likely orange and the crustaceans body its clear. In addition as we know that jellyfish in the sea have a toxic but a little juvenile fish can swim and like playing around in this tentacles.

Fungi of mangrove branch also caught in observation the color is brown and have jelly texture and have a convex body shape patched in branch.

Timbulsloko Village

cropped-robtambak1.jpgTimbulsloko is a village in Sayung District, Demak Regency, Province Central of Java in Indonesia. Actually its just a general village which is near of bay and have a large of rice field also fishes ponds before, like another shore villages in Indonesia. In 1990 Timbulsloko was flooded by waters from the Java Sea and make the pond and rice field immersed in salty waters.

The resident live in the mangrove forest area, because the intertidal zone is moving in into their village. But they want to  still alive beside the mangrove ecosystem. So, we must keep try to make the village still have his resilience.